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We are located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The owner, Hubert Barney, was the former Corporate Safety Director of one of North Carolina's largest industries and has over 30 years of experience in developing and managing one of the most effective safety and OSHA compliance programs in the nation.

Hubert and the associates of BSM&T can assist you with all of your safety programs and training needs. Our approach can help you to avoid the payment of fines and the resulting unfavorable publicity of an OSHA inspection.

We are now providing Safety and OSHA Compliance Programs for North Carolina Schools. BSM&T has developed a comprehensive collection of OSHA requirements that apply to you. We can provide an organized plan to help you reach and maintain OSHA compliance.

It does pay to advertise.

Our web master is John Clark. John began working with computers about the same time that punched cards were the only real way to store information. (Do you even remember card sorters, punches and all that hardware?) After 20 plus years of designing systems for mainframe computers, John moved on to personal computers. He works mainly in Visual Basic, (developing applications for financial and accounting users) and the languages of the web - HTML, XML, CSS, ASP and a whole lot of other initials.

When John does take a break from computers, he can be found preparing his next speech for Toastmasters, learning to play the bagpipe, and working with his charming wife, Harriet, to teach their three cats to fetch, rollover and etc.

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