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Sometimes, it's best to
think inside the box !
Our goal is to provide you with a cost effective safety program that will work for YOUR business.

Our Programs Include
- Safety Training
- Safety Presentations
- Safety Workshops
- Employee Training
- Risk Management
- Safety Seminars
- Safety Consulting


Our programs are a great way to meet your Safety Training Requirements. Our training programs cover a wide area of topics including - -
 Hazard Communication (Haz com) Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP)
 Accident Prevention  Injury Prevention
 Preventing Back Injuries  Lockout/Tagout
 Fire Extinguisher  Electrical Safety
 Emergency Evacuations  Ergonomics
 Personal Protection Equipment  Ladders
 Holiday Safety  Hand Tool Safety
 Workplace Safety  Safety Plans

The primary purpose of a safety program is to prevent accidents.

Investing in an effective accident prevention program will more than pay for itself through maintaning the health and well-being of your employees. In addition, it will also help you control costs in other areas. Some areas of cost control include:
 Workers Compensation Insurance Required Training Programs
 Record Keeping  Audits
 OSHA Required Programs and Fines Staff Costs

All Safety Programs are not created equal.
- - Some need improvement
- - Some need support
- - Some deserve recognition.

Let us develop a Safety Training Program that meets your needs.

Don't wind up like this - call us.

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